Saturday, May 26, 2012

Family Room DONE!

It's only been five months - how time flies when you are doing a home improvement project - and it takes up space in the WHOLE house!  I guess I have to clean now.  When there is stuff everywhere, in every room, what's the point of cleaning?  Now I GET to clean, and I'm excited!  Just to remind myself what this space looked like in January:

And how it looks today:

I think it was worth the wait.  I DO get a little hung up on details.  See that short shelf at the top of the bookcase?  I have plans for that -  can't wait to see how it looks.  Now I hear the weeds outside calling my name.

Happy Memorial Day!
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Anonymous said...

I have been missing you! Thanks for visiting and I love your remodel. It will be fun to see what you have for that top shelf, too!
God bless you and yours this weekend.

Julie said...

GREAT transformation. WIsh you could do that to my family room!

Team Beardshall said...

LOVE this...great job