Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thrift Store find

My sister and I went antiquing and thrifting on Friday and we both scored!  I found this adorable chair for $15!- and I have plans...

My sister, who happens to be the creative mind behind the darling cookies at
- nabbed a dresser - (I might have to steal it).  I have plans for that, too!
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Julie said...

Sisters? I didn't know you were sisters. Very fun! I can't get over the perfection of every single cookie she creates. Do you get to partake of them often? :)

Good luck with your melted bead project. I'm glad I could offer up an idea or two on how to use them with your granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

How fun to go thrifting together. Can't wait to see what you do with the chair! My grandma had one very similar in her living room. Enjoy your day, Ruthie.

Life is good! said...

it looks like your post says you paid 151 for the chair, that's not much of a deal. she really paid 15 for it. thank you in advance for watching over you and your blog!