Monday, August 1, 2011

Designer Textiles

I LOVE interior design and changing things up in my home.  Good thing my husband isn't blind... (well, not all the way blind).  AND even better if I can find a cheaper way to get the look I want.  In my bedroom, I wanted a bold geometric print for my drapes that hang on either side of my bed.  After pricing the fabric, I decided I could get the same feel for pennies.  I already had the white drapes - purchased at JCPenney's a couple of years ago.  I took dark brown fabric and tore it into half-inch strips and sewed them on horizontally and vertically.  At the top, I found big brown buttons and sewed them on.

I did the same thing for my daughter's room. I was inspired by Isabella & Max Rooms, so I used the color combination and recreated it here with the same process for the curtains.
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