Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was making the rounds at a favorite thrift store a couple of weeks ago and I spotted a name brand summer handbag for $2.  The inside was stained and grody, but the outside was in great shape.  I remembered a post on Sara's blog - Go Gingham where she showed how to redo the inside of a bag.  For two bucks, it was worth it to try venturing into something I hadn't done before.  I am happy with the results. As long as you can take the lining out to use as a pattern, it is pretty much fool-proof.  I even reused the zipper to make a pocket, added a key holder and made a cell phone pocket.  Notice also that I was able to remove the label and reattach it.

                                                       Stained and disgusting inside

                                                         Ahhhh....much nicer!
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Cranberry Morning said...

Nice work! And how much nicer to have a cell phone pocket, instead of always rummaging through the entire contents to find your phone! :-)

Chandra said...

I love a creative lady who can come up with a stylish fix! *love this*

Sarah said...

The new prints is amazing, what a great makeover!

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Lili said...

I love your projects! The summer purse turned out beautifully. So often we turn up our noses at something at a thrift store because of something that could so easily be remedied. Great job! And a reminder to me to look for potential in second-hand items, especially now that garage sale season is here!