Monday, June 25, 2012

Stencil, paint, or subliminal messages to my kids?

I had this odd space right next to my french doors leading to our backyard.  It has moulding around it because there was a very large sliding door there at one time.  When we had the french doors put in, they were smaller - hence the need for something to disguise the lack of fit.  Ya, well, anyway - I painted it with chalkboard paint.  Then I have been patiently waiting to win a bid for a CHEAP overhead projector.  SCORE!  I won not one - but four!  Anyone need an overhead projector?  I know someone that has an extra!

Merry Christmas to me!!!

So this is my idea -



It doesn't look like anything really - but up close - as my kids are randomly walking by, maybe these messages will soak into their brains.

The quote on the left is from Elder Uchtdorf's talk (he is a leader in our church)  "...holding grudges, judging others, hating, wanting to cause harm, withholding forgiveness, gossiping, ridiculing, ignoring others, withholding mercy, throwing stones - STOP IT."

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Cranberry Morning said...

Ha! What a great idea. :-) That reminds me of the messages I used to write on the sheetrock until it got plastered and painted. Fun to have to have a place to write messages.

Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. Hi to Rocky. :-)